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Your Mother Would Be Proud

Off the press July 2009 (Allen & Unwin)

The editors of Your Mother Would Be Proud have managed to persuade a host of Australia's best-known celebrities, writers, comedians, actors and musos to immortalise some of their most scurrilous secrets in print.

Whether it's cartwheeling naked across a rugby field in front of an audience of one billion (including your dad); playing eleven-minute soft rock tracks on night-shift radio as cover for some adult magazine fumblings; getting your appendix removed to avoid an English lesson; or stealing KISS's groupies and charging the champagne to Gene Simmons' hotel room, we've all done something in our dim, dark past that must never be spoken of again. One of the most revealing collections of true life confessions ever to be compiled!

Edited by Tamara Sheward and Jenny Valentish.

Your Mother Would Be Proud