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The 'R' Word

Podcasts released October-December 2016

Shane teamed up wth Stockland to create a five-part series, The ‘R’ Word, to help dispel the myths of retirement living.  Shane set out to find a retirement living skeptic who spent a few days in several Stockland retirement villages and then recorded their experience.  Shane said he was eager to be involved in the light-hearted campaign after recently considering retirement living for his mother.

“We’re all getting old, or at least older,” he said. “It’s something everyone keeps talking about, but it’s a subject that’s not always comfortable to discuss. A big part of the trouble is working out how to get old. So why is it that we feel a bit funny talking about moving into retirement villages? That’s exactly what I wanted to find out.”

The podcast is both entertaining and informative, making for a compelling listen. You can listen to The 'R' Word at Stockland or with iTunes.

The ‘R’ Words